How to Shape Nails – Square, Oval and Almond Nails

How to shape nails

Since very different and unique nail art styles have been introduced, it’s easy and convenient to do your nails at home. No doubt, DIY Nails are easy to do, but they also include a lot of steps. Not always one has the time to do so much. So, when you lack time to do your nails properly step by step, you can simply just shape your nails and yet make them look so beautiful. Shaping your nails is an even more manageable task. To make your nails look beautiful by shaping them alone, you can follow this guide of how to shape nails.

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Before shaping your nails:

It’s always better to soak your nails first in warm water before starting the job to shape your nails. The benefit of soaking your nails in warm water is that the warm water helps to soften your nails. After your nails get softened, it gets easier for you to shape them. The warm water is also good for your nails’ health. It makes it easier for oxygen to reach the nails’ cuticles.

What all do you need?

To shape your nails, there are some tools that you would need. The best part is none of these tools would cost you a fortune. All the manicure tools are readily available on the internet as well in your nearby shops. The products that you need are a nail cutter, cuticle pusher, Nail Filer, Toe Separator, Nail Buffer, Cuticle Nipper.

Different nail shapes:

Were you wondering that just shaping your nails won’t give them a unique look? Well, there are a lot of different nail shapes that you can choose from. Some of the different nail shapes are – Round, Square, Stiletto, Squoval, Almond, Oval, Ballerina.

How to shape nails:

Through this guide, we’ll explain how to give these shapes in detail.

1. Square Nails:

Square Nails are the easiest to do, and the best part about square-shaped nails is that they don’t break easily. If you have a kind of lifestyle that requires you to do a lot of chores using your hands, then square-shaped nails are the best for you.


Here’s how to shape your nails into squares: 

Trim your nails into the length of your wish. Then file each nail straight in one direction, making it look like a square. To give it a proper look, provide the edges with some trim, too, using the filer.

2. Oval Nails:


Trim your nails into the length of your wish. File your nails in such a way that the shape looks like an egg. Work the filer along the whole circumference giving the whole nail a fine look.

3. Almond Nails:


Trim your nails into the length of your wish. To make it easier to do the almond shape, take a marker, mark a point on your nail at the center of the tip, and then file at an angle from the tip from both sides.

After shaping the nails:

Once you are done cutting/trimming and shaping your nails the way you want them to look, we recommend a few more steps to ensure good maintenance of your nails. Following all the proper habits after shaping your nails will ensure that the hard work that you have done in shaping the nails remains intact for an extended period. If you buffer your nails using a nail buffer, it will give a whole new look to your nails. Using the buffer gives the nails an extra glow and shine, which is hard to achieve even with the most popular nail shiner. The nail buffer gives that perfect crisp look to your nails to make them look chicer.

Another excellent habit is to use cuticle oil to moisturize the nails and prevent them from cracking or breaking. The cuticle oil will ensure the good health of your nails and prevent them from any kind of damage.

Why is it important to shape your nails?

Is it just a matter of fashion and looks to shape your nails? No, it’s much more than that. One thing that most of us are unaware of is that there is a lot of dead skin around our nail cuticles which is not suitable for the skin as well as the nails. This dead skin does not get removed even after having taken a bath. Shaping and hence trimming the nails removes all that dead skin making it easier for the skin around the nail cuticles to breathe, which is very important for your nails’ health.

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How to Shape Nails – Square, Oval …

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