How to Get Nail Glue Off the Skin

How to Get Nail Glue Off the Skin

Manicure and decorating nails with nail art at home is always the best. Simple, convenient & quick. But there are also some demerits to doing your nails at home all by yourself. One of the major demerits of manicuring at home is that- the glue used for gluing the artificial nails can sometimes get stuck on your skin. This is one problem that you can’t just avoid. Why? Because the glue that is used for gluing the artificial nails can be harmful to your skin. If the nail glue gets onto your skin, it can cause irritation, chemical burns, and many other skin-related problems. So what’s the solution to this problem? Here are some simple ways on how to get nail glue off the skin:

1. Using Soap & Water


If you are quick enough to act, you can easily get rid of the stuck glue by simply using soap and water. Soaking your hands in warm water for around 15 minutes will do the job. Warm water will soften the glue and make it easier for you to peel off the adhesive from your skin without causing any injuries whatsoever. This method is not only helpful in removing the glue, but you can also remove the artificial nails this way. Removing artificial nails using warm water will make it easier and safer for you to do so. Soap & water, if acted quickly, is the best method to get nail glue off the skin as it is free of any chemicals whatsoever.

2. Acetone based nail polish remover


We use acetone-based nail polish remover to remove the artificial nails. So it should also work for the glue that is stuck on our skin, and yes, it does. For this method, you will need two things: some cotton swabs and an acetone-based nail polish remover. Soak one cotton swab in the nail polish remover and apply it to the area where the glue is stuck. Wait for a couple of minutes till it gets absorbed on the affected area, and then try peeling the glue off. If the glue doesn’t come out easily, take another cotton swab and repeat the procedure. Keep reapplying the nail polish remover until the glue gets peeled off easily. Do not forcefully peel it off. Doing so can lead to skin injuries.

3. Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly to the affected area makes it very easy for you to get rid of the glue stuck on your skin. What you need to do is simply rub some amount of petroleum jelly on the area where the glue has dried and hence stuck. Then massage it well for a few minutes in circular motions. Rubbing and massaging the jelly on the glue will lead to softening of the glue.


The softened glue will, on its own, break up and become easily detachable without you having to pull it away. Using petroleum jelly for getting nail glue off skin is the best way because this reduces the chances of any injuries, which are highly possible in other methods as it requires you to pull away the glue.

Sometimes petroleum jelly might not work on its own if the glue is stuck on your skin quite firmly. In that case, you can use a combination of acetone-based nail polish remover and petroleum jelly. To do so, firstly, soak some cotton swab in the nail polish remover and apply it to the affected area. To keep the cotton swab in its place, you can wrap aluminum foil around it.

Wait for a couple of minutes, and then remove the foil and the cotton swab. Afterward, use the petroleum jelly and rub it on the affected area. The acetone-based nail polish remover would have made the job easier for the petroleum jelly, and the glue will come easily off your skin without causing your skin any injuries.

The best part about using petroleum jelly is that it not only does the job of removing the glue off your skin but also retains moisture to the skin and the nails.

4. Hand Lotion

All the above-mentioned options, we don’t find them in our house instantly, do we? What’s one thing that is always within arm’s reach? Hand/Body Lotions, right? Well, the good news is even the hand lotion works perfectly fine to get nail glue off the skin.


Hand lotions work the same way as petroleum jelly. Simply rub and massage the hand lotion on the affected area for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to see the glue flaking away. After the glue has flaked away, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Doing so will remove any remaining glue from your skin.

5. Oils

You can use oils to get any remaining nail glue off the skin. Any oil will do, baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil. Even with oils, you just need to rub the affected area gently with a small amount of oil. Oils will also provide the much necessary moisture to your skin. Oils are the best go-to option if you are wondering how to get nail glue off the skin without any side effects as oils are 100% organic.

Emergency Cases:

The above-mentioned methods are only helpful if you have glue stuck on your skin. If you get nail glue on your lips, eyes, or any other similar sensitive body parts, you immediately need to see a doctor. In such cases, only the doctor knows what’s best to do, and you should not try to get the glue off on your own at home.

Also, if even after getting the glue off your skin, you experience rashes, irritation, skin burn, itching, or any other similar skin-related problems, you should see a doctor.

Why is it essential to know how to get nail glue off the skin?

It is crucial to get nail glue off the skin because if left as it is, it can lead to skin problems like rashes, irritation, skin burns, etc. The chemicals used in some nail glues are so toxic that they can also lead to allergic reactions on the skin. So it’s better if we can act calmly but quickly to get nail glue off our skin to avoid any of those problems.

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How to Get Nail Glue Off the Skin

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