7 Best Nail Buffers And Shiners!

best nail buffers and shiners

We all know that having acrylics on continuously for a very long period is not healthy for your natural nails. and now that we have a lockdown everywhere, getting your nails done is neither possible nor safe. You will fins useful information about the 7 best nail buffers and shiners below!

This is probably the time everyone is realizing the importance of a good nail buffer and shinner. with those old acrylics wearing off, and not being able to get new ones, a nail buffer is necessary to get your nails looking normal.

Even if you are not an acrylic nail person and like to rock your natural nails, then you NEED a nail buffer too! Nail Buffers not only give a beautiful shine to your natural nails, but they also fix broken, cracked, and dull-looking nails.

I love my natural nails. I only get acrylics for special occasions. so for me, a nail buffer is a must-have item in my beauty kit. since I have been using nail buffers for years now, I have come across a lot of them. 

So here I have reviewed some of the best nail buffers and shiners for you! These nail buffers range from manual to electric, affordable to a little bit pricey. so this is the perfect guide for you to choose your nail buffer and shiner.

7 Best Nail Buffers And Shiners For You!

A-Viva Beauty Shine A-Viva Beauty Shine
  • High Quality
  • Easy To Apply
  • Flawless Polish
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AKOAK 5 Pcs/Set Nail Art Buffer File Block AKOAK 5 Pcs/Set Nail Art Buffer File Block
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Quality
  • Excellent Packaging
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Revlon 2 Piece Nail Buffer And Shiner Revlon 2 Piece Nail Buffer And Shiner
  • Value For Money
  • Easy Usage
  • Desired Thickness
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OPI Nail Files And Buffers OPI Nail Files And Buffers
  • Value For Money
  • Durability
  • Easy Application
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Vogue Professional Nail Buffer And Shiner Vogue Professional Nail Buffer And Shiner
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy To Use
  • Budget Friendly
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FARI 5-In-1 Electric Nail Filer And Buffer FARI 5-In-1 Electric Nail Filer And Buffer
  • Safe Usage
  • High Quality
  • Protects Nails
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Italy Nail Buffer Block Italy Nail Buffer Block
  • Easy To Use
  • Durability
  • Best Quality
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I have prepared an elaborate list of the 7 best nail buffers and shiners you can easily purchase online! You can choose any one of the following products:


You will get three buffing blocks in this set. each block has three functional sides. therefore in 3 simple steps, you can get the perfect nails without going to a nail salon. First, file your nails for 5 seconds with the blue Coarse Filing strip. 

Next, with the grey strip smooth your nails for 5 seconds to make them look as if you are wearing clear nail polish. And finally, it’s time for the real magic. Use the silky white side on your nails again for 5 seconds and see your nails glow flawlessly.

This Beautiful healthy glow will stay on your nails for weeks to come! and as you use this buffer consistently, not only your nails will be shining all the time, but it also removes the bumps and grooves on your nails!

Overall, it is must-have if you like to do you manicures or pedicures on your own. a simple product with great efficiency.


If you are an all-in-one kind of person, then this nail buffer shinner kit is perfect for you. this kit comes with five different pieces to cater to all your needs. you will not need to buy any other kit if you have this one!

It includes two buffing blocks- one plain white and the other with a floral design, two nail filers- one has a larger grit and the other has a smaller grit, and finally one cute and easy to hold nail brush to dust off any mess that was created during the process.

Each piece is designed for a specific job and using all the parts in proper sequence will give you the best results! the process is simple:

  • First, take the filer wit the largest grit and roughly mark the desired shape and smooth out any major breakages.
  • Next with the filer with smaller grit, properly shape your nails and add the details. this filer will smooth everything out and give you the perfect shape you want.
  • Next, of course, take the buffer and let it do its magic on your nails. your nails will be left shining for over a week!
  • Lastly, take that cute little nail brush and wipe off all the dust and mess that was created during the process.

After following all these steps you will get a salon-like finish for Sure! 



We all know that Revlon is a brand that has been around for a long time. all of us (and our mothers) have used this brand. The fact that it has been around for such a long time proves that it can be trusted very well. 

It seems like Revlon knows its audience pretty well because it has come up with its much-awaited nail products! This is a two-piece nail buffer kit. and the most interesting part, each buffer has six surfaces! 

As I mentioned earlier, Revlon knows its audience pretty well! The four buffing surfaces will give you that perfect shine that will last a considerably long time! the other two surfaces are for filing. 

You can fix any major breakages with the filer with a bigger grit. and give some professional-looking finishing touches with the smaller grit!  

For people who only like to buy their stuff from trusted brands, this nail buffer and shiner combo is the best choice! it is affordable, easy to use, and comes with an extra piece in case you lose one!

If you are into classic nail buffers and shiners then this one is for you! This is a classic four-sided nail buffing block. On one side you get a nail filer with perfect medium grit. you can do almost everything with this one filer. from fixing major breakages, grinding off acrylics, and shaping your nails.

The buffer does its job to perfection as well! it will give you long-lasting shine and a healthy glow. Another great thing about this piece is that it is very thin and lightweight which makes it perfect for travelling. last but not the least, you can also slip this in any makeup bag or drawer.

So now we will be talking about some professional stuff. and let me tell you the best part first, you can easily use this by yourself at your home! The vouge professional electric nail buffer comes with everything you can ever need. 

It minimizes your effort to less than half as it is electric, so you can achieve much better results in almost half the time! It comes with 12 interchangeable filer heads, one sander head, a buffer head, and one high-quality shiner. 

The 12 filer heads will make sure that you never have broken nail. they fix even major breakages in a matter of seconds!  Next, with the sander head, you can fix all the ridges easily. now that your nails are fixed to perfection within seconds, you can spend some extra time perfecting and detailing the shape! 

Next, come the buffing head and the shiner. since this is electric, you can easily buff your nail with just a few strokes and they will look amazing. The same is the case with the shiner. in a matter of seconds, your nails will be gleaming like anything!

This is one of the main reasons I love electric nail buffers. you can complete the entire process in such a less time and your nails are still going to look like you spent $1000 and sat in the salon for 12 hours! This kit also comes with nail art tools. these include two charm holders and a detail-head for detailed nail art. 

The nail charms come in two different sizes so that you can decorate your nails with any kind of chams that you might have. as for the detail-head, it is for very nice quality and makes the detailing process extremely easy. This nail buffing kit is all you need for all you fixing, buffing, and decorating needs.

So the next nail buffer on our list is also electric! the good thing about this one is that it is cordless. that is all you need is two double-A batteries and this can easily become a travel-friendly nail buffer.

It also looks very stylish! with the dual-tone body of light blue and white, it gives the perfect aesthetic vibes and can easily be shown off!

It comes with five interchangeable heads, each one with its specific function. it includes two buffing heads, two shining heads, and one filing head. it means that you are well equipped for all your nail care needs.

With the gritty filling head, you can fix all the breakages and give your nails your desired shape. next, smooth out all the ridges with the buffing head in a matter of seconds. and lastly reveal the beautiful, healthy glow of your nails with the shining roller!

Its nice curvature makes it easy to hold. even though it is larger as compared to traditional nail buffers, but it is very light.

Lastly, the company has refill rollers as well. if you run out of the ones which come with this, you can order another pair of the rollers and never have a bad nail day again.

The last nail buffer on our list is somewhat what a traditional nail buffer looks like. it has the classic block shape and comes in the pack of two.

Though its traditional design does not make it any less useful. if you use it properly according to the steps, you will get a salon-like finish in no time!

  1. Use the Wine-Coloured side to fix any major breakages and to get your desired shape. 
  2. With the smooth grey side, buff your nails to smooth out all the ridges.
  3. Finally, use the white side to reveal a natural healthy glow that will last for months to come.

It has a small, convenient, and compact design. it is 9cm long and 3.5 cm wide and therefore can fit in any drawer. it can also easily fit in your makeup purse and hence is very travel friendly.

Unlike all the electrical options mentioned in our list, the traditional nail buffers and shiner are less of a hassle and can be used anywhere anytime!

Thanks for Reading :)

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7 Best Nail Buffers And Shiners!

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