How to stop biting nails in 9 minutes

Nail-Biting 9 minutes

Today we are going to tell you about How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes. Because the habit of nail-biting can cause serious health problems who practice it. It has serious implications, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also nails carry viruses and bacteria that can make you sick when in contact with your mouth.

Also, this compulsive habit can permanently damage your nails, teeth, and even gums. So it is very important to know about How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes tips.

Although this practice is very common in childhood, many adults maintain Onychophagia, either due to stress, boredom, or some physical reason. If this is your case and you are thinking about how to stop biting your nails just follow the below tips on how to stop biting your nails.

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Why do we bite our nails?

Nails are mainly made up of Keratinized dead cells and have various functions.

The habit of nail-biting can start with the simple act of putting your fingers in your mouth, which is so common in children.

Although it is not considered a disease as such, it is a pathology of a psychological nature, which, if it cannot be controlled, may require specialized help. The causes can be:

  • Nervous episodes.
  • Obsessive states, as a compulsion
  • Vital drastic changes
  • Frustration, anger, low self-esteem.

We recommend consulting with a mental health specialist about why this occurs, especially if it becomes common.

Other Causes of nail-biting

There can be several reasons that generate the behavior of nail-biting:

  1. Stress. “Many people bite their nails in a specific situation such as an exam, a meeting, or due to the accumulation of daily stress.
  2. To calm situations that generate anxiety. “When they are in situations that provoke nerve or distress, it favors the need to bite their nails,” says the expert.
  3. Shyness or low self-esteem. “Frustration, anger, perfectionism, or people with a high level of demand are traits that can help the appearance of onychophagy.
  4. Fear. “Although it has not been associated, fear is a factor that triggers this behavior.

The causes of Onychophagia can be divided into two groups:

1. External causes

One of the recurrent explanations for Onychophagy is the anxiety and stress produced by personal, work, economic, sentimental, or conjugal problems, nervousness during exams. They are usually more benevolent factors, since with will power and becoming aware of the problem, it is relatively easy to give up the habit and control it.

2. Internal causes

It is about emotional maladjustment and alterations of the nervous system produced by trauma. They can be family maladjustments, mistreatment, humiliation, low self-esteem, guilt, and the need for self-punishment. The habit is prolonged in time and becomes chronic, sometimes the behavior is so sharp that it can lead to self-aggressive behavior.

There is a widely-held belief that nail-biting is a slight problem. But beware, Onychophagy can be worse than commonly thought and cause permanent damage.

Why can’t we stop biting our nails?

Although seeing deformed nails and fingers can be unpleasant, people who have this habit receive certain benefits by continuing it, which makes it very difficult for them to stop biting their nails.

For starters, it can be enjoyable and relaxing, so even though it’s not the healthiest and most appropriate habit of all, it’s hard to stop. If we are nervous, we do not have other tools to manage those nerves or stress, and biting our nails relaxes us. We will continue to do so whenever we feel nervous. Therefore, it would be necessary to acquire more adequate tools to relax.

On the other hand, especially perfectionist people can suffer from some irritation when things don’t go as they expect. For these people, nail-biting is a means of managing that irritation. Again, it is an emotional situation that they cannot handle any other way, and they come to the one that makes them feel good: finish off all their nails using only their teeth.

Consequences and effects of Biting Nails

The hands reflect the health and safety of the person. Therefore, nail-biting could have health, emotional, and social implications:

Health and aesthetics

  • Nails are hosts of the most varied germs, which, when contacted with saliva, travel through the digestive tract and can cause disease.
  • Damage to the cuticle and skin of the fingers can lead to bacterial and viral infections of the hands.
  • Finger deformations may occur and the nail may be lost.
  • Chronic inflammation of the fingers.
  • Increased appearance of caries due to damage to teeth.

1. Health and aesthetic consequences

Huge amounts of germs of all kinds are found on the nails. These, when contacting the mouth, can penetrate our body and produce some type of disease.

Injuries to the fingers and buds can lead to bacterial or viral infections. Furthermore, the fingers can become deformed and there is a risk of losing the nail permanently. Other consequences also include chronic inflammation of the fingers and the appearance of caries due to the damage caused to the enamel of the teeth.

2. Emotional consequences

Another class of negative effects of nail-biting is complex and embarrassment (ultimately causing anxiety) about the appearance of the hands and can interfere with interpersonal relationships.

This point is also related to a low level of self-esteem, feelings of sadness, and inability to control compulsive behaviors.

3. Social consequences

The person who eats his nails may believe that he is rejected by society. It can also present certain difficulties in personal and romantic relationships.

Work problems: the rejection of job interviews for hygiene or aesthetic reasons depending on the position.

How to stop biting your nails in 9 minutes

As you can see, quitting this unhealthy habit can have a variety of positive effects on your health, as well as on a psychological, emotional, and social level.

I will discuss the most effective method of combating the habit of biting your nails. They’re simple tricks that don’t require special products, all you have to do is want them and put your effort into them.

1. Be aware of the issue

The first thing you should recognize are situations that cause stress or insecurity, which activates the habit of biting, scratching or clawing, and which ultimately results in placing them in your mouth.

This is discovering the specific instances that lead to this behavior, for example, having to interact with others socially or prepare for an academic exam, the instances prior to a job interview, etc. Additionally, you must identify the activity or class of activities that you avoid and instead occupy your time with things you enjoy, for example, playing sports, making crafts, playing a musical instrument, writing, etc. This will mitigate anxiety and prevent you from engaging in compulsive biting behavior.

2. Chew licorice

Having your mouth occupied with the root of licorice is a beneficial strategy in combating the desire to bite your nails. Do this especially during times that make you nervous. Be prepared to carry this remedy with you constantly. Once you’ve forsaken the bad habit of nychophagia, you can relax and leave the licorice alone.

3. Chew gum

Similarly, gum-chewing is highly effective when you need to insert your fingers into your mouth. This will prevent you from biting your nails while trying to breathe or exercise your jaw, all of this will help to prevent wrinkles.

4. Employ aloe vera

There are specific tastes that should be avoided in this regard. However, why do you want to spend money on what you need at home?

Aloe Vera’s numerous health benefits are well-known, but it’s definitely not flavorful. Cut a leaf of aloe vera in half, you will observe that it’s transparent similar to the slime. Let it sit in the refrigerator for an entire night, and you’ll observe that this slime has turned red due to oxidation, this causes the slime to have a bitter taste. Next, coat your nails with it until it is dry. Every time you insert your nails into your mouth, a bitter and displeasing taste will pervade you, this will undoubtedly diminish your desire to do it again. Additionally, Aloe Vera has antibiotic and healing properties, which makes it ideal for preventing infections caused by mouth wounds that bite into the skin, as well as accelerating the healing process.

5. Self-control

With this exercise in self-control, you will be able to suppress your desire to devour your toenails:

Attempt to lick a finger, failing which, stop when it’s 2 inches from your lips. Get it out of there. Repeat this process several times, decreasing the distance more and more.

Insert the nail between the teeth without biting, resist for a bit, then remove it. Repeat this process by increasing the duration each time. Practice this activity for 5 minutes every day and you will see results.

6. False nails

Perhaps this is the most expensive option, but it’s worth it. It’s about covering your nails with other synthetic materials, such as acrylics, instead of polish. This will prevent you from damaging your own nails, while allowing them to continue to grow.

7. Band-Aids

Attach a few strands to the nails for a month, replacing them periodically. This is because you can admire the way they appear healthy and shiny over time, without biting them.

8. Engage in a pastime

Occupying yourself with a hobby you enjoy will prevent your fingernails from being absent for a longer period of time.

Any endeavor that you find interesting is acceptable, it’s crucial that you enjoy it, otherwise, your desire to bite your nails will dissipate. Crafts are highly recommended because they keep your hands occupied, especially if the activity involves clay, such as when making ceramics, this keeps your hands dirty, similarly, painting is also enjoyable.

9. Wear rubber-soled, heavy-duty work gloves

Another simple and convenient method of preventing the habit of biting your nails is to wear gloves, particularly during cold weather. This prevents you from touching your face. In the summer, it can be a little uncomfortable, but if your issue is severe and you are dedicated, you can attempt wearing thin, breathable gloves.

10. Celebrate your success

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes as you gain them. You will observe the attention and compliments that others give you, this will inspire you to continue maintaining the health and beauty of your nails.

at last…

With willpower and the nail-biting tips you’ve learned in 9 minutes, you’re sure to have perfect nails in no time. If you find it difficult to quit smoking, you can go to a psychologist you trust.

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How to stop biting nails in 9 minutes

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