When work gets stressful, people need at least one indulgence. It could be the latest iPhone or bottomless brunch in an uber-cool restaurant. But there’s one indulgence that goes beyond any of those: a mani-pedi at the hands of a trendy nail salon. It’s something to look forward to, a small moment of relaxation, and a mini-break from the daily grind that leaves your hands — and your spirit — looking polished and fresh.

At VeryPolishedNails we believe that beauty is within reach of every woman. Our team with over 10 years of experience are here to provide you with the best nail tips and tricks, and to help you find the right products for your needs.

I started this site to share with others the products that I love and use, because I know how it feels when a product works for you. When I first began doing my nails at home, it was hard to find reviews of nail stuff online, so I decided to create a site where people can review the products they use on a daily basis.

Check out our product reviews on gel polishes from brands such as Shellac, Nailene or OPI and read our bestselling articles like the one about how to fight dry cuticles. Happy to have you aboard!