The Perfect Classy Winter Nails 2024

The Perfect Classy Winter Nails

Looking for the perfect classic winter nail design? Look no further! We have selected the top 30 most beautiful snow white nail designs to inspire your next visit to the nail salon!

Elegant winter nails never go out of style, and if you’re looking to update your nails for the upcoming season, you’re in the right place.

When it comes to trends, when it comes to winter nail art, there are always just a few colors that dominate nail design, and our pick below includes them all. Some of the most popular are shades of white, beige, dusty pink and gray.

Choosing a quality nail polish with a gloss finish is key to creating an elegant look that doesn’t require additional artistic touches. If you want to create these trendy winter nail designs at home, choose some one- or two-tone options that are easy to pull off with minimal skill.

Below is a tutorial to get you started.

Elegant Winter Nail Trends 2024

So what are the hottest winter nail trends this year? Here are our favorites to make waves in 2024:

White on beige

This color trend won’t go anywhere and works best when paired with winter elements like snowflakes.

Ombre Nails

This pretty nail color trend comes in winter shades of grey, white and even dark blue.

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Sweater Manicures

You may have seen these trends on Instagram last year and now they’re back in style – check out the tutorial below to learn how to make them at home.

Nail art on custom nails

This nail design trend is popular year-round, and in winter it features a single frost-kissed nail with the rest of the nails painted in a solid color polish.

Glitter and Sequins

With more glitter and sequins on the nails as the holiday season approaches, there can never be enough sparkle in Christmas nail designs, in our opinion.

The most fashionable winter nail designs

Here’s our roundup of 30 of the most classic winter nail designs and nail art—pick your favorites to recreate at home, or bring them with you to your next visit to the nail salon.

If you’re not sure if this is the look you’re after, we’ve got even more nail design inspiration on our dedicated Pinterest board – head there!

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The Perfect Classy Winter Nails 2024

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