15 Best UV LED Nail Lamps!

best uv led nail lamps

Why do you need a UV LED nail lamp for gel polish? The craze of gel polish has developed among the people and it has become a trend in the nail’s world. Though the gel polish gives people glossy nails you need to visit the salon every two or three weeks. 

The solution to this problem is home gel manicure. So, to perform gel manicure at home you need the best UV LED nail lamp for gel polish.

To get a perfect matte finish for your gel polish you need to cure the gel polish under UV LED light. Using an LED lamp is affordable when compared to going saloon frequently.

15 Best UV LED Nail Lamps For You!

SUNUV Sun 5 Pro 72W Lamp SUNUV Sun 5 Pro 72W Lamp
  • Low-Heat Mode
  • Both Hands At Once
  • Removable Bottom Plate
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  • Automatic Sensor
  • Wide Opening
  • Replaceable Hand Rest
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Hot Rose 72W Nail Lamp Hot Rose 72W Nail Lamp
  • Wireless Product
  • Four Time Settings 
  • 12 Hours Power Backup
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SUNUV 48W UV LED Smart Nail Lamp 2.0 SUNUV 48W UV LED Smart Nail Lamp 2.0
  • Temperature Detecting Sensor
  • Digital Display
  • Budget Friendly
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Gelish 18G Professional LED Lamp Gelish 18G Professional LED Lamp
  • Salon Perfect
  • Fast Curing Time
  • Acetone Resistant
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Liberex 48W LED Nail Dryer Liberex 48W LED Nail Dryer
  • Removable Base
  • Memory Function
  • One Year Warranty
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Abox Star2 72W Nail Lamp Abox Star2 72W Nail Lamp
  • Automatic Light Sensor
  • Easy To Use Buttons
  • Four Presets
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  • Cures All Polish
  • Temperature Control
  • Eye Comfort
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Beetles 18W/36W Red Light Lamp Beetles 18W/36W Red Light Lamp
  • Unique Phone Stand
  • Motion Sensor
  • Affordable Price
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Wisdompark 54w LED UV Nail Dryer Lamp Wisdompark 54w LED UV Nail Dryer Lamp
  • Memory Function
  • Removable Panel
  • Budget Friendly
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Deep Dream X5 Plus 110W Lamp Deep Dream X5 Plus 110W Lamp
  • User Friendly Buttons
  • Removable Bottom
  • Faster Curing
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LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp Dryer 54W LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp Dryer 54W
  • Faster Curing
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 100% Moneyback
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Lumcrissy 64W Nail Dryer Lumcrissy 64W Nail Dryer
  • Professional Device
  • Durable Nature
  • LED Readout
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36W Folding Nail Lamp 36W Folding Nail Lamp
  • Easy One Button Setting
  • Highly Portable
  • Value For Money
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Pretty Diva 54W LED Lamp Pretty Diva 54W LED Lamp
  • Motion Sensor
  • Convenient Pre-Set Timer
  • Faster Curing Time
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I have prepared a detailed list of the 15 best UV LED Nail Lamps you can easily purchase online! You can choose any one of the following products:


The brand redesigned the Sun 5 into Sun 5 Pro. When compared to Sun 5, the Sun 5 Pro is wider and deeper than allow your both hands to fit easily or both feet inside. They cranked the power of Sun 5 Pro to 72W. Which means the curing times have become faster than its predecessor.

The Sun 5 pro comes with pre-set timer settings for maintaining the standard cure times. The motion sensor turns the light on when your hands or feet inside the LED lamp and turns it off when you remove hands and feet from the lamp.

The magnetic bottom plate of Sun 5 pro is for cleaning and pedicures. If you have sensitive skin then no need to worry this device has low heat mode. You can also reduce the power in some cases which may need a long curing process.


SUN UV Sun2C 48W LED Lamp seems very similar to its predecessor (24W model). The Sun UV has more power at 48W when compared to 28W. The 48W Sun UV has flexible drying options. The 48W has additional settings that have been introduced to gain the satisfaction of users. 

The top of Sun UV 48W is colourful and cute and we can replace the top pad. The structure of Sun UV 48W is durable and also includes gel loving toenails! The Pure Ultraviolet looks very good for eyes but they also prohibit the potential harm. It builds by using 33 LED beads with daylight white light. 

This light can cure UV Sensitive and LED polishes. The updates made on this device also includes a wide opening. The opening is wide enough to fit the whole foot or hand in that. But you need to press the timer every time you go for curing.


This LED lamp solves the issue of having an outlet near the device because all of us not fortunate enough to have an outlet near. Hot rose 72w has a long list of features with functionality in mind. By using this LED lamp, you do not have to worry about whether my cord will reach your reconsidering options.
This wireless LED lamp needs to be charged for 2 hours and with this charge, it works continuously up to 12 hours. 

For example, if you charged the device for 2hours and the average time you take for your manicure is 120 seconds for hand then you can do 180 full sessions of manicure with just 2 hours of charging. It has a unique feature that is you can reverse the LED display. Now you might be thinking of why there is a need to reverse the LED display. 

It’s perfect if you are using it for yourself but when you are using it for someone else it’s pretty much irritating to look at the display upside down. So, by this feature, you can hit the reverse button and the display will switch to face the back of the lamp. You’re going to love this set up of the LED display because the screen pushed to the side and makes it very readable for yourself. 

But in case you’re doing for someone else there is a large blank space that is perfect for them to rest their hand while you are working on the other cures. The Hot rest is a 72W lamp which has 36 LED bulbs that lined up at the top and the sides of the dome and gives coverage from all the angles. This 72W lamp has 36 LED bulbs that line the top and sides of the dome for coverage from all angles.

The hand sensor detects the touch and lights turn automatically and the bottom panel is replaceable for pedicure purpose and the cleaning is easy. They offer the device with four-time settings they are 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and low heat 120-second setting. The device will remember the last setting you used and keeps continue with that selection until you select a different option.

Many UV lamps make our hands blackened and make us look worse. This UV LED lamp is cheap when compared to other devices. It comes with 36 light beads with 50000 hours endurance that saves your money by preventing the need for changing blubs in a short period.

This light bulb has a dual optical wavelength that helps us to speed up the curing process. This device contains an LCD screen. This Screen will display curing time. Like SUNUV SUN2C, it also deals with the time memory function. 

This device helps in curing of all kind that includes UV and LED nail gel polishes. This device has a bonus that is if it detects the high temperature then for your safety it switches to low power operation.

It’s a professional and trusted brand. This is the one among the fastest LED lamp it will cure some coats in five seconds.
It has the power of 34 watts but it is completely LED that boosts its speed. The place is adequate for your single hand. You also need not worry about your thumb it can easily fit. 

The device comes with three pre-set timers and a LED screen, which is situated on the back of the device that is good if you are going to use this device for your saloon. It has a function of beeping once the curing end. Sometimes the client does not pay attention and you are busy in some kind stuff. The beep alert you.

You can apply nail polish or gel polish to your customer on the padded hand rest and the lamp device contains works ideal for saloon environment. Its spacious does not bother yourself regarding space. The Gelish brand also released a cordless version of this LED lamp.

You might do the nail art by yourself because it’s cheaper and as well as fun. Though we are doing it at home we need something that suitable for both nail techs and complete novices. When compared to other LED lamps this lamp may be costlier but it has some professional qualities which other devices lack. It has an amazing feature of memory function for the auto countdown.

It is designed in the way that all the 36 lamp beads are placed perfectly to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. From 36, the 18 light bulbs are placed on top and 9 on each side which helps in curing the gel polish faster. The base is removable which helps your feet to fit in and do easy cleaning. This brand gives you a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

If you have a really busy schedule and do not want to spend a lot of time on nails at your home then you must look at Star2 by Abox. The star2 has cranked the power up to 72W which will cure the gel faster than the low wattage lamps. The pre-set timings of this device are 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 99 seconds. 

The 99 seconds is low heat mode where the wattage starts low and gently increases. The device is easy to use and has all the functions which a quality LED lamp needs to contain. It also includes automatic sensors that turn the light on when you insert your hand. 

Has a removable magnetic removable base that can be used for cleaning and pedicures. You can select the pre-set timings easily it is not rocket science thing. This is a lightweight machine that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The space inside is good enough. You can insert your whole hand and need to do during the second time for your thumb. Space inside allows your thumb to cure properly.

We want something which does not kill our excitement and trust after the purchase of the device. As you knew that Curing involves UV exposure that can tend to risks if you do not follow the process correctly. This brand promises to double the speed of curing and gives a cure for all types of gel nail polishes. The device consists of smart sensors that automatically stop the process as you remove your hand or foot from the device.

This device contains 36 LED beads with 50000hrs lifetime. Though this lamp promises 2x faster curing the curing time can vary by the brand of gel polish we are using. The LCD Screen will give the curing time and the device automatically shuts down when you reach a specified time. This device has a good pre-sets timings and duality.

Some of us get bore while we are waiting for our nails to cure, the Beetles has solved this issue. They provide us with a built-in slot to hold our smartphone and allow us to use it while having a curing process.

As much as lamps are curing nails faster and faster these days, it still adds up to minutes of doing nothing but watching a little counter count down. With this lamp, you can keep watching using your phone while you wait.

Nowadays the nails industry is launching LED lamps that perform curing faster and faster. But this LED lamp takes minutes that do nothing but keep watching the count down.
As we can use smartphones this wait will not bother you.

This brand allows you to choose the power of the lamp you can go for 36watts or lower 18watts. They go for Red LED light that is better for your skin and eyes as well.

This brand offers a lamp that is spacious and easy to use and it’s reliable. It cures soak-off gels, base gels, top gels without a problem. It comes with the removable bottom plate that gives us the comfort of pedicures. 

This device offers you double power enabling, you can switch the power between 48W and 54W. It also all the features that other devices in this list. It has a budget-friendly price.

This Deep Dream X5 Plus has the highest wattage and it uses double light source bulbs so that it can work on all gel and shellac polishes. It is built in a way that bulbs cover from all angles you need to worry about your thumb or do not need to do it another time. It fits hands easily.

The bulb used in this device is dual light bulbs. There is a total of 36 bulbs that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. If you run this bulb even for 24 hours then they would not burn for five years.
The bottom plate is removable. You can remove the base and can clean and do the pedicure easily. 

Also, has an LED screen that shows the time left to complete the curing process. You have to choose your timing from the pre-set timer options that include low heat mode. A sensor in the device detects when your hand is under the lights and starts your cycle.

This model cures both acrylic and gel polish. This device can even perform some heavy-duty features. The LuxeUp can cure 10 fingernails or toenails in just a single go. This device contains 36 LED beads that offer 50,000 hours of a lifetime which approximately equals five years.

LuxeUp has come up with a new version that has covered all the drawbacks the old versions have. They upgrade the new version by adding a digital time display, 99- seconds of low heat mode. 

They have an ergonomic design. You will be a happy customer if you buy this device. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they do not fulfil your expectations.

The lumcrissy 64W Nail lamp is a professional model. It offers it carrying handle which makes the device heavier by adding five pounds to its weight. It’s made using zinc, not plastic that makes it heavier than other devices.

As you guys know the metal absorbs all heat which means the heat generated by bulbs is taken away from your client’s hand and LED bulbs. This increases the lifespan of bulbs.

This device does not contain any removable magnetic base and the digital readout faces the rear of the unit. The sensor does not respond to the motion of the hand as quickly as other devices do but it is worthy to purchase this device due to its power and durability.

The amazing feature of this device is this lamp gets flat while you are not using this machine. This makes it easy to carry in your luggage or purse. This device is spacious many of us do not have a place to store all the collections and have restricted space. But this nail lamp is compact and just consumes very little space.

The shape of this device is different from all the LED lamps. It is very thin and rectangular. It contains two wide stands on both sides. The legs of this device are foldable. This device consumes space less than a tablet.

The sides are wide enough so the power generated from eight bulbs can be get escaped from the open ends. There is one button design for this device. Though this lamp is user friendly but does not provide us with enough options for pre-set timings.

This device looks funny and can put a smile on your face while curing your nails. The design is from Pretty Diva there is a wide-open end to stick your nails to cure this end looks like a Smiley face. The lamp inside is covered with pink paint which gives it a complete look of a smiley face.

This cute little weird lamp has a collection of LED bulbs which has the power of 54W that turns out the process of curing quickly. This device has three pre-set timer settings and the lamp gets activated through its motion sensor. Its lights get on when you insert your hand inside and get off when you remove your hand.

The space inside is quite low so it’s advisable to do your thumbs later rather than doing together with other fingers.
It’s ideal to carry this device in your lamp as it is not too big nor too heavy.

So, what are you waiting for just choose your perfect from above and bring it home happily and have fun doing your nails and make them look beautiful and glamorous!

Happy Curing!

Thanks for Reading :)

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15 Best UV LED Nail Lamps!

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