10 Best Nail Shapes Girls Love!

best nail shapes

Nails look astonishing when we flatter our nails and apply the finest, nail colours and design them with the finest, nail designs. All this is ok!! But what is the need to give the right shape to our nails? The answer to this question is simple. The nail shape will compliment your nail design and flatter your nails as well and give your nails an impressive look. You will get to know more about the best nail shapes according to your fingers in this article!

There are five nail shapes initially, but as the nail industry started innovating latest nail shapes started forming and started becoming trendy. So, the Basic form of nails that everyone should know is square, round, oval, almond, and coffin. The unusual shapes that became trendy by time are squoval, Ballerina knew as a.k.a. Stiletto, mountain, flare, edge, and lipstick shaped nails.

best nail shapes

By the end of this article, I am sure you will be known the shape which will suit your natural nails! If you ask any professional artist, they will say that nail shape will play a significant role in making your fingers look fabulous. The nail shape will compliment your nail colour and design as well. If you choose the right shape for your nails, then it also flatters our whole hand and gives it an attractive look.

Different Types Of Nail Shapes

You may dominate the power of your nail shape. But they play a significant role in elongating short fingers to accentuating satisfying nails.
So, while selecting a nail shape, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the various options available for you. While selecting your nail shape, there are three things you should consider that is your finger shape, your nail bed width, and the length of your nail.

1. Oval Shaped Nails

If your nail beds are short and broader, then the oval-shaped nails look perfect for your fingers. The nail shape will look long, and it is somewhat tapered from the nail bed to the nail tip. This shape looks similar to almond shape nails. But this shape is softer and also has a blunter tip. If you have long nails, then you can also adapt this nail shape as this nail shape is ideal for both short and broad nails beds and fingers.

oval nails

This nail shape makes your broader finger looks slimmer and make your short fingers look longer. You do not need a long nail to shape it oval you just need some length. Some Millimetres will do the job. When you created this nail shape, you can pair this oval nail with feminine pastel hues that will give you a chic runway appearance to your nails.

2. Almond Shaped Nails

The nails which have slimmer sides with narrow and rounded nail tips are called almond-shaped. So, you can shape your nails with almond shape if you have long nails and thin nail beds. Do not worry if you have short fingers. you just have to increase the size of your nails and give them this chic nail shape.

If you have short nails, then it is better not to go for this shape. The almond shape is perfectly suitable for long and thin nail beds because of its elongating ability. If you have broad fingers and you want to give them a slim look, then it is ideal for you to shape your nails in almond shape as this shape makes your fingers look thin.

almond shaped nails

If you decided to shape the almond nails, then you can combine the shape with neutral and nude polishes as this will give your nails more glamorous and girly appearance.

3. Round Shaped Nails

You should go for round shaped nails when you desire to create a look of longer fingers but want your nails to be short. Round shaped nails are of short length with a naturally curved edge. It is ideal for short and wide fingers. If you want to have broader nails to look thinner and longer.
If you consist of narrow nail beds, it is suggestible that you should not go with a round shape.

This simple shape looks classy and does not have a fuss. It is perfect for ladies who do not have to go for a saloon. The shape is easy to maintain at home. This soft and round shape can combine with any colour of polish. You can shift to different colours according to your mood as you go with any colours with this shape.

Round nails

If you have short and chubby nails, then its most ideal shape for you as it follows the natural contour of your fingertips. If you shape your nails into round will make your nails look longer. If you are just beginning the shaping of nails, then it is easy and the one you should go for.

4. Square Shaped Nails

The Square shaped nails are equally famous as round shaped nails and act perfect for shorter nails. The square shape looks neat, clean, and as well as stylish. It is characterized by straight edges and a squared-off tip.
People who want longer nails would not find the need to go with square-shaped nails. But it is ideal for the people who want something short and edgy they find this shape elegant and will love this.

So, you should go with square-shaped nails if you have thin hands and long, slim fingers. If you have a long narrow nails bed, then you should consider it shaping in the square in your next manicure. It gives nails a subtle widening effect to your hands and its breakless when compared to other nail shapes. It has low maintenance when compared to other nail shapes.

square nails

If you are having a French manicure then square shape acts just perfect for you. They are bold and have strong sidewalls. The tips are sharply rounded. If you come under the people who feel a burden to go to saloon then this is something you should go. You should make bright and bold or high shine polish with this shape.

5. Coffin/Ballerina Shaped Nails

For long nails, this is one of the best shapes, and this shape is called a coffin shape is also known as ballerina shape. They gave this name because of its silhouette, which represents both a coffin and a ballet slipper.
The coffin nails are long and narrow and taper in towards the end before finishing with a square tip.

coffin shaped nails

Many girls and ladies are attracted to it because of its sophisticated and edgy design. But people who have long, sturdy nails should go for it. If you have short nails, then it is better to avoid it. The nails look worthy if you combine this shape with pale neutral hues, moody tones, and matte finish.

6. Stiletto Shaped Nails

This shape is pointed at tips that are even more drastic than the almond-shaped nails. To make your nails stand out, you can try this shape. You can get this shape whenever you want. But, be sure you do not use hands.
Of course, you can use your hands to flaunt them is not it funny.

stiletto shaped nails

But it is a fact that you cannot use your hands for something that hard or something that pressurizes your hands and especially your nails. Its popular nail shape for the people in the entertainment industry for people. Celebrities use this nail shape with the combination of unique nail designs that catches our eyes.

7. Squoval Shaped Nails

So, what is squoval by the name can be guessed that it is a combination of square and oval. Square But more defined and stronger, is oval but more delicate. The combo has given an interesting and trendy shape.

squoval shaped nails

The tip of the curve in this shape is not that round nor that sharp. It is shaped in a way that it will flatter any hand shape and size. It is perfectly suitable for today’s women who resembles strength and flexibility. The shape gives a classic touch to feminists.

8. Flare Shaped Nails

The Flare shaped nails also known as duckbill shaped nails because of its structure. The tip of nails flares outward and upward. The nail tip is wider that makes it look like a duckbill.

flare shaped nails

9. Mountain Peak Shaped Nails

The mountain peak shaped nails are shorter and have pointy look the same as the peak of any mountain. The mountain shape looks identical to stiletto shape nails. It gives you a perfect dauntless look. It is suggestible that you should try this shape with an artificial nail extension, not with your natural nails.

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mountain peak shaped nails

10. Arrow-Head Shaped Nails

These arrowhead-shaped nails resemble the stiletto but the twist is the point is shorter and softer when compared to stiletto. The nail tip resembles the head of an arrow. Whichever nail shape you choose according to your fingers and nail length will look stunning if you combine it with beautiful colours and unique nail designs. 

Although these nail shapes can be done at home if you love DIY thing but if you do not want any error or repetition of the task, then it is better to visit the saloon and tell them the shape you want and relax your job will be done by professional without any error. 

arrow head shaped nails

But there are people like me who like to do these things by themselves. I believe that by doing it our self, it will enhance my skills. When you are doing it by yourself, then you need to keep some significant points in your mind that is 

  • Nail beds
  • Nail length
  • Hands 
  • Fingers. 

You know the fact that our nails will give us a clue which shape will look best on our finger. You’re wondering right just checks your nails. You will find lunular (the small half-moon) that was situated near your cuticle. Is not it is amazing you go with the shape of the lunular for your nails? 

Remember to match the contour of your nail tips with your lunular shape.it is the easiest way to choose the nail shape. If you are a housewife or your work on a computer the whole day or you use your hands too much for work then it is best to have a short length. 


What is the Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers?

The benefit of having long fingers is you have plenty of options you can go to Square shaped nails (if you have narrow nail beds) Squoval shaped nails (if you have broader nail beds) Coffin Almond and other pointy nail shapes. 
These shapes will look amazing with your long fingers. 

What is the Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers?

The following nail shapes will look interesting with your fingers Oval, Round, Squoval.

What is the Best Nail Shape For Big Hands?

If you want to make your hands look fabulous, then try this shape for your nails. 
Flare shaped nails. 
Edge nail shape

What will be the Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers?

If you want to make your fingers look longer, then you must try the following shapes. 
Other pointy shapes!


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10 Best Nail Shapes Girls Love!

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